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Auspicious Date Services

Good Wedding Date
Auspicious dates and hours for your marriage in any 2-year period 2021, 2022, 2023 ..

Check Wedding Date
Determine whether your chosen date is auspicious for your marriage.

Good Move House Date
Auspicious dates and hours for moving house in any 1-year period. We also provide a move-in to-do list.

Good Business Starting Date
Auspicious dates and hours for registering business, commencing business, commencing opening ceremony, launching product/project/service, launching initial public offering (IPO), etc.

Chinese Name Services

Chinese Name Analysis
Character strokes analysis for a Chinese name.

Good Baby Name
Auspicious Chinese names for a newborn baby.

Change Chinese Name
New Chinese names that sound similar and are more auspicious than an existing Chinese name.

BaZi Services

BaZi Analysis
Analysis of destiny and luck. Analysis determines what destiny indicates about self, family, marriage, career, wealth, children and luck.

Luck Analysis
Analysis of luck in a chosen year and luck in your current Big Luck period.

Career Fate Analysis
Determines what destiny indicates about career affinity, career type, whether career affinity is favorable, career risk and career luck.

Marriage Fate Analysis
Determines what destiny indicates about spouse affinity, spouse type, marriage relationship, marriage risk and marriage luck.

Marriage Match Analysis
Analysis of marriage compatibility of two persons by examining marriage fate and BaZi compatibility.

Wealth Fate Analysis
Determines what destiny indicates about wealth affinity, wealth type, whether wealth affinity is favorable, wealth risk and wealth luck.

BaZi Courses (八字课)

A complete BaZi course on destiny and luck analysis.

BaZi 1
A course on determining BaZi and luck cycle, performing Stem and Branch combinations and transformations, and Ten Gods.

BaZi 2
A course on identifying the six BaZi structures: Overly Strong Structure (专旺格), Fake Overly Strong Structure (假专旺格), Overly Weak Structure / Follower Structure (从格), Fake Overly Weak Structure / Fake Follower Structure (假从格), Normal Strong Structure (正旺格) and Normal Weak Structure (正弱格).

BaZi 3
A course on destiny analysis.

BaZi 4
A course on luck analysis.

Auspicious Products

Natural Jadeites
A site for natural jadeites (Type A jadeites).