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Our BaZi course is a complete BaZi course. The course covers all the important and key topics in BaZi. The course is designed for anyone with zero BaZi knowledge to acquire the knowledge to analyse destiny and luck. The course is organized into four modules: BaZi 1, BaZi 2, BaZi 3 and BaZi 4. For a detailed listing of the topics in the course, please see below.

BaZi 1 is a foundation module. In this module, a participant will learn to plot full BaZi, plot big luck cycle, perform combination and transformation for Stem and Branch interactions, and also learn key concepts of Ten Gods (十神).

BaZi 2 is a module on BaZi structures. In this module, a participant will learn to identify six BaZi structures: Overly Strong Structure (专旺格), Fake Overly Strong Structure (假专旺格), Overly Weak Structure / Follower Structure (从格), Fake Overly Weak Structure / Fake Follower Structure (假从格), Normal Strong Structure (正旺格) and Normal Weak Structure (正弱格). The participant will also learn to identify Day Master strength, favorable and unfavorable Ten Gods.

BaZi 3 is a module on BaZi analysis. In this module, a participant will learn the representations of Ten Gods and the analysis of BaZi.

BaZi 4 is a module on BaZi luck analysis. In this module, a participant will learn the interaction of luck qi and BaZi, and the analysis of luck.

The course is taught in English. Concepts are explained using examples. Case studies are used to illustrate the analysis of BaZi and luck.

Who should attend?

The course is for anyone interested to learn BaZi. This course does not require prior knowledge in BaZi.

Why learn BaZi with us?

Please read Why sign up BaZi course?

How to sign up?

To sign up, please click Sign Up BaZi Course. Interested participants can contact us for further details. The course is conducted in Singapore.

BaZi Module 1

1. BaZi Foundation

1.1 Determining a BaZi

1.2 Plotting a full BaZi

1.3 Heavenly Stem (天干)

1.4 Earthly Branch (地支)

1.5 Ten Gods (十神)

BaZi Module 2

2. BaZi Structures

2.1 Concept of Friend (自党) and Enemy (异党)

2.2 Types of BaZi structure

2.3 Overly Strong Structure (专旺格)

2.4 Fake Overly Strong Structure (假专旺格)

2.5 Overly Weak Structure (从格)

2.6 Fake Overly Weak Structure (假从格)

2.7 Normal Strong Structure (正旺格)

2.8 Normal Weak Structure (正弱格)

BaZi Module 3

3. BaZi Analysis

3.1 Ten God representations

3.2 How to read BaZi

3.3 Case studies

BaZi Module 4

4. BaZi Luck Analysis

4.1 What is luck?

4.2 Types of BaZi luck analysis

4.3 Interaction of luck Qi & BaZi

4.4 How to read luck?

4.5 Case Studies

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