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BaZi 1

BaZi 1 is a foundation module. It is also the first module in our BaZi course.

The participant will learn to plot full BaZi, plot big luck cycle, perform combination and transformation for Stem and Branch interactions. The participant will also learn key concepts of Ten Gods.

This module is taught in English. Concepts are explained using examples. The topics covered in this module are given below.

Who should attend?

This module is for anyone who wants to start BaZi learning with a good foundation course. This module does not require prior knowledge in BaZi.

Why learn BaZi with us?

Please read Why sign up BaZi course?

How to sign up?

To sign up, please click Sign Up BaZi 1. Interested participants can contact us for further details. This course is conducted in Singapore.

BaZi Module 1

1. BaZi Foundation

1.1 Determining a BaZi
- What is a BaZi chart
- Calendar systems
- Plotting a BaZi
- Sixty Jia Zi (六十甲子)
- Plotting Big Luck Cycle (排大运)
- Plotting Year Luck Pillar (排流年运)

1.2 Plotting a full BaZi
- Structure of a full BaZi
- Getting the the Hidden Stems (藏干)
- Getting the Ten Gods (十神)
- BaZi Palaces

1.3 Heavenly Stem (天干)
- Stem Support (天干相生)
- Stem Combination and Transformation (天干合化)
- Stem Competitive Combination (天干争合)
- Stem Clash (天干相克)

1.4 Earthly Branch (地支)
- Seasonal Combination and Transformation (三会)
- Three Combination and Transformation (三合)
- Half Combination and Transformation (半合)
- Six Combination and Transformation (六合)
- Hidden Combinations (暗合)
- Six Clashes (六沖)
- Punishment (刑)
- Six Harms (六害)
- Six Destructions (六破)

1.5 Ten Gods (十神)
- Identity
- Location
- Strength
- Relationships