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BaZi 1

BaZi 1 is a foundation course. It is also the first module in our BaZi course.

In this course, a participant will learn to plot full BaZi, plot big luck cycle, perform combination and transformation for Stem and Branch interactions, and also learn key concepts of Ten Gods.

The course is taught in English. Concepts are explained using examples. The topics covered in the course are given below.

Who should attend?

The course is for anyone who wants to start BaZi learning with a good foundation course. The course does not require prior knowledge in BaZi.

Why learn BaZi with us?

Please read Why sign up BaZi course?

How to sign up?

To sign up, please click Sign Up BaZi 1. Interested participants can contact us for further details. The course is conducted in Singapore.

BaZi 1

1. BaZi Foundation

1.1 Determining a BaZi

1.2 Plotting a full BaZi

1.3 Heavenly Stem (天干)

1.4 Earthly Branch (地支)

1.5 Ten Gods (十神)

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