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Below are some of the customers' feedbacks.

Christine, Singapore
Give clear, concise and in depth explanation.

Jackson, Singapore
The report is easy to understand. The interpretation by the Master is quite accurate and the advices given quite useful. I will try out the advice given by the Master and hope that my problem will be resolved. I find the analysis and comments to be quite accurate in my marriage status. I must compliment on the Master for a job well done! I want to try out the advice given by the Master and I appreciate that the advice and I am quite loss at what to do to resolve my problem.

Clyda, Singapore
Chris is structured and patient with my questions. Excellent class to attend. Totally worth the dollars.

Diana, Singapore
Thanks for explaining. Astrology is rocket science! Glad to have found your service online and will definitely recommend your good service to my friends!

Kit, Singapore
Thank you for your help. Will recommend GoodWeddingDate.com to my friends.

Mr. Lim, Malaysia
I'm really impressed with the service given by your side. Thank you again, will definately introduce GoodWeddingDate.com to my friends.

Erina Kirsten, Singapore
Thank you for the wonderful service. Although it is an online site, all my questions, emails and requests were promptly handled. Appreciate for the extra effort in my request!

Lorelei, Philippines
AMAZING SITE!!! Very accurate and very good service. I got my reply in after a few hours of payment. The report was very detailed PLUS very great after sales service. They answered all my questions completely and accurately. I will recommend this site to all my friends!!! Very good value for money. They give u a lot of options to be able to plan ahead. Excellent! I'm very impressed.

John, Singapore
We are very happy with your service. It was fast and convenient. You were quick to answer our questions. We hope you had offered other options to pay you.

Anthony, Singapore
My fiancee and I like the way you present our auspicious dates and hours. Your report is clear and easy to understand. We had consulted another master before this but we were not happy with his service. He gave us only 3 dates and wanted us to pick our dates in certain months which we thought was rather restrictive.

Jenny, Singapore
Thank you for your service. We are happy to have found your website. We were looking for auspicious dates to hold our wedding in late 2010. The master we consulted earlier was not able to give us the dates giving the reason that the Tong Shu book is not out yet.

Amanda, Singapore
I did some searching before signing up your service. I must say your service is the cheapest and best value for money. Even it is an online service, I am impressed with your report and response. Thank you!

Catherine, Singapore
After reading your website, I now have a better understanding on how you go about in getting the auspicious dates for marriage. I am very happy with your service.

Jessica, Malaysia
I am very satisfied with your service. Your service gives us the flexibility to plan our wedding. We intend to have our wedding in 2 countries. Your list of auspicious dates allows us to plan ahead and do that. Thank you.

Kenny, Singapore
I gave the following ratings: a good rating for the Goodweddingdate Report, an average rating for service and a good rating for customer experience.

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