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How BaZi can help you?

BaZi is commonly used for destiny analysis. In fact, BaZi can be applied in other areas. It can be used to help you to know yourself better. BaZi can help you in the following ways.

Know your potentials

BaZi can help you know your potentials by revealing your fate (缘) or affinity. In layman term, fate is simply chance or opportunity (机会). When a BaZi shows the presence of certain element, it indicates the presence of certain fate or affinity. When this element is strong and favourable, the fate would be strong. A strong favourable fate indicates better opportunity and hence better potential. For example, when a BaZi shows the presence of strong favourable wealth element, it indicates better wealth opportunity and hence better wealth potential.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

BaZi can help you know your strengths and weaknesses by revealing your favorable and unfavourable potentials. Simply knowing your potentials is not good enough because not all potentials are favourable. It is important to know which potentials are favourable (喜) and which potentials are unfavourable (忌). Only favourable potentials are true potentials. For example, when a BaZi indicates strong wealth potential but the element representing wealth potential is unfavourable, it indicates wealth potential may lead to financial difficulty and loss.

Know your risks

BaZi can help you know your risks in career, marriage, wealth, etc. Knowing your risks would make you more conscious in managing yourself through appropriate behaviors and precautionary actions. For example, when your BaZi show a strong weakening of a certain element. It indicates that things associate with this element may be at risk. When this element represents your spouse, it indicates that you may have marriage risk.

Know your path to success

BaZi can help you to know your destined path to success. For example, when your BaZi shows favourable output elements (i.e. favourable Eating God Star and/or favourable Hurting Officer Star), your destined path to success is via the route of talent or performance. This means your success begins with your talent. It is through your talent, you achieve wealth and power. People in this category include actors, sportmen, etc. People in this category often have to excel in a certain field in order to achieve success.

When your BaZi shows favourable input elements (i.e. favourable Direct Resource Star and/or favourable Indirect Resource Star), your destined path to success is different. Your route to success is via knowledge and cultivating support from noble people and friends. People in this category are better off leaverging the support of other people. People in this category include sales people, relationship managers, leaders, etc. People in this category achieve success through team effort.

BaZi can help you in many ways. If you are interested to learn BaZi, please see BaZi course or simply sign up BaZi Analysis to know yourself better.

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