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Why sign up Good Move House Date?

Below are the reasons to get auspicious dates and hours for moving house with us.

1. Many auspicious dates and hours to choose

This service, Good Move House Date, provides auspicious dates and hours for moving house in any 1-year period. This means you have many dates and hours to choose a convenient date and hour for moving house. For example, if you need more time to commence your move-in, you can choose a date with two auspicious hours (i.e. four hours) next to each other. Please see Good Move House Date Report (PDF).

2. Auspicious dates and hours in any year

This service can provide auspicious dates and hours in any future year (e.g. 2028) for moving house. This means you can plan in advance when to move house.

3. Quality auspicious dates and hours

This service uses Dong Gong date selection method and a computerized process to identify auspicious dates and hours. Our methodology ensure proper filtering of inauspicious dates and hours, and the correct identification of auspicious dates and hours. All these ensure that the service provides quality auspicious dates and hours.

4. Convenient and reliable service

To sign up this service, you do not need to make appointment or travel. You just simply sign up at our website at your convenience anytime anywhere. The report will be sent to you when it is ready (usually in 1 day).

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