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This service costs S$88 (Singapore Dollar). To sign up this service, please submit the form below. Payment is handled by Paypal. You can pay with credit cards or Paypal account.

After you have successfully signed up with payment, we will send you an acknowledgement. We will send you the Good Baby Name Report (PDF) via email when it is ready (usually 1 to 2 days).

In the form below, fields with asterick (*) are compulsory. To input Chinese characters, please use a Chinese word processor to type out the Chinese characters and paste them into the form.

The middle and last characters are optional. For example 李小龙, 李 is the surname, 小 is the middle character and 龙 is the last character. Only input the middle or last character if you want a particular character to be in the Chinese name.

Birth data is optional. If you provide birth data, this service will try to provide characters that complement the BaZi. Please provide birth data in western calendar. If you provide birth data in lunar calendar, please indicate this in the message field.

Please input Chinese characters for the surname and name.

Chinese surname (姓)*:
(e.g. 李)

Chinese middle name:
(e.g. 小)

Chinese last name:
(e.g. 龙)

Date of birth:

Time of birth (hhmm):
(24 hr format, eg 1651)


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