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What is an auspicious date for marriage?

The Chinese people has a long tradition of using auspicious date for marriage. Many Chinese people register their marriages and hold their weddings on auspicious date. However, not many people know what is an auspicious date for marriage.

According to Chinese date selection studies, every day is a different day in terms of the usage and quality. Some days are auspicious for marriage while other days are inauspicious for marriage. Dates that are auspicious for marriage have the presence of auspicious Stars that support marriage. Dates that are inauspicious for marriage have the presence of inauspicious Stars that do not support marriage. Auspicious dates for marriage are specially selected dates using date selection technique.

Marriage is an important event. When you marry on an auspicious date for marriage, the day has the support of auspicious cosmic energies which bring good blessing and a good start to a marriage.

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