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Marriage Fate Analysis Case Study - The failed marriage of a devoting wife

Background information

Ms Sandy (not her real name) is working as an executive in the financial sector. She was married in 1998 to an IT professional. During her marriage period, the husband was stationed overseas and for most of the time they live apart. They maintained their relationship by frequent phone conversations and short visits. Throughout this period, she looked after her husband's family members (a bed-ridden father-in-law, mother-in-law and 2 teenage siblings) while he paid for the family's expenses. As Sandy had to work long hours at work, she was physically and mentally strained by her work and family commitment. She had frequently requested the husband to get a posting back home or find a new job back home so that they could live together and shoulder the burden of looking after his family together. The husband was not keen to return and felt that she was naggy and always complaining. Her marriage came to an end in 2009 when she found out that her husband was having an affair. From a metaphysic prospective, can all these happenings be 'seen' from Ms Sandy's bazi? To find out the answer, let us examine Ms Sandy's bazi.

Ms Sandy's BaZi chart is shown below:

The Analysis

Ms Sandy's self element is Yin Water (shown in yellow colour). The chart shows that the self element is prosperous. To a Yin Water person, her spouse element is Earth. In the chart, she has 3 spouse elements (all Yin Earth elements) and the spouse elements are surrounding the self element. The chart shows that her spouse element is strong. This indicates strong affinity with men and she will get married. This also indicates that she is able to have new romance relationship after a failed relationship. The presence of strong spouse fate explains why some people are able to have new relationship after each failed relationship while others are not able to do so. Her chart also indicates that she has good human interpersonal relationship and can get along well with people.

The positioning of her spouse elements indicated that her spouse is the center of her life and is able to exert great influence on her. The Wood element (卯) which is positioned far away' from the spouse elements in the Year Pillar indicates that she exerts little or no influence on her spouse (Wood controls Earth). The chart shows that she has strong companion elements (3 Yin Water 癸亥). This indicates that she has strong character, she is independent and stubborn. This explains why she was able to manage her life, tolerated her husband working overseas throughout their marriage period and shouldered the 'burden' of looking after his whole family.

Luckily for Ms Sandy, the spouse element is her favourable element. This indicates that her spouse was nice to her and was able to take care of the family. Though her husband was physically away and did not share the work load of looking after the family, he was gentle and nice towards her and helped shouldered the financial burden of the family.

The chart shows that the spouse element (Goat 未) is in the Spouse Palace (shaded green). This shows that her favourable element is in the Spouse Palace. This indicates that her spouse will be helpful to her.

Unfortunately, the Goat (未) element is involved in combination (亥卯未). Although the combination is not successful, this, nevertheless, indicates that her marriage is unstable and the spouse has the affinity to 'stray' out of the marriage. This explains the fact that her husband had an affair. The Spouse Palace (Earth element) is in an elemental clash with the Water element (Pig) in the Month Branch. This indicates that marriage relationship may not be harmonious. It also indicates that she and her husband may spend less time together and more time away from each other. This explains the fact that her husband was away for most of the marriage period and given the long separation, it is unlikely that the marriage relationship would be harmonious.

After analyzing Ms Sandy's bazi, her 'suitable' spouse should be someone whose bazi chart has only one spouse element, the spouse element is close to the self element, the spouse element is a favourable element and the spouse element should preferably be positioned in the Spouse Palace.

Will Sandy marry again?

Sandy's bazi shows that she has strong spouse fate which indicates strong affinity with men. This indicates that it is possible for her to remarry again if she wants to. Lets examine her luck cycle below:

Ms Sandy's luck cycle chart is shown below:

Her luck cycle shows that there are many periods of strong spouse luck. From 1984 (age 22) to 2023 (age 61), she is going through luck periods that indicate strong luck for romance relationship and marriage. Whether she will be in a romance relationship or get married will depend on her will and her actions to take advantage of the strong spouse luck in these periods. Base on the luck cycle, it is possible for Sandy to get into a new romance relationship after her failed marriage.

An analysis of a person's BaZi can reveal quite a number of things about marriage fate. It can reveal whether there is affinity for a spouse. It can reveal whether the spouse will be helpful and good to you or will bring trouble to you. It can also indicate potential marriage problems like whether the marriage relationship will be harmonious and whether there are indications of straying out of the marriage. An analysis of bazi can help you to understand yourself better in terms of your marriage fate. Knowing one's marriage fate better can help you to make 'better choices' in choosing a spouse. It can help you to exercise better awareness and tolerance in dealing with relationship issues in a marriage.

If you are interested to know what BaZi indicates about your marriage, please see Marriage Fate Analysis or Marriage Match Analysis.