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How to identify auspicious dates for marriage?

Using an auspicious date for marriage has a long history. It is a Chinese tradition to use auspicious date for marriage.

The easiest way to identify auspicious dates for marriage is to consult a Tong Shu (q). A Tong Shu is a Chinese almanac available in most bookshops. Using a Tong Shu is quite easy. It is a matter of looking up a date and checking its usage. If Tong Shu says a date is auspicious for marriage, it means the date is suitable for marriage. If Tong Shu says the date is inauspicious, just repeat the process for another date until a desired date is found.

Using Tong Shu is easy and straightforward but has its limitations. The most obvious limitation is that Tong Shu only gives auspicious dates for the current calendar year. If you want to know the auspicious dates for the next calendar year or the next following year, you would have to wait for the new Tong Shu to be out. Another limitation of Tong Shu is that different Tong Shu by different publishers may show different auspicious dates. This means you should consult a few Tong Shu before deciding on an auspicious date for marriage. Another limitation of Tong Shu is that Tong Shu does not ensure that the dates are favorable to the groom and bride. The groom and bride need to ensure that the auspicious date is favorable to them before using the date.

An alternative way to identify auspicious dates for marriage is to use date selection technique. There are several date selection techniques you can use. Among them, Dong Gong date selection method gives the best auspicious dates for marriage. Using Dong Gong, you are able to identify auspicious dates for marriage in any year.

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