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BaZi and marriage

One of the applications of BaZi is to provide marriage indications and BaZi is particularly suited for this purpose. Using BaZi to analyze marriage is possible because of the existence of spouse element and spouse palace in a BaZi. Spouse element is the element that denotes spouse. Spouse palace is a location in a BaZi that denotes marriage / spouse. Analysis of marriage is possible by examining spouse element, spouse palace and their relationships with other elements in a BaZi.

The analysis of a BaZi can indicate a number of things about a marriage. It can indicate spouse affinity, spouse type, marriage relationship and whether there are indications of unfaithfulness, marriage weakening arising from behaviourial issues, etc. A negative indication is a sign of predisposition to a potential marriage problem. Case studies have shown that people with failed marriages tend to have many bad marriage indications.

Analyzing BaZi for marriage indications is useful. It can help you to know the potential issues in a marriage. For example, it can help you know whether you have a tendency to exhibit certain behaviors that would weaken a marriage. Such behaviors are exhibited only when you have a spouse (i.e. when you are married). Getting to know your marriage indications can help you to manage potential marriage issues with greater awareness. For those thinking of settling down, it can also help you know your marriage partner better.

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