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What is an auspicious Chinese name?

An auspicious Chinese name is not simply any Chinese name. A Chinese name has to possess certain criterias to become an auspicious Chinese name. To know these criterias, one needs to know that every Chinese name has a stroke number for Human Structure (人格), Earth Structure (地格), External Structure (外格) and Total Structure (總格). Each stroke number depends on the stroke number for surname, middle name and last name. For example, the stroke number for Human Structure is the sum of the stroke numbers for surname and middle name. A stroke number can be rated auspicious or inauspicious or average depending on the meaning that number carries. A stroke number is rated auspicious because the number carries an auspicious meaning.

A Chinese name is an auspicious Chinese name when it has auspicious stroke number for Human Structure, Earth Structure, External Structure and Total Structure. In general, a Chinese name may not have all the stroke numbers auspicious; some may be auspicious while the rest are inauspicious. For example, a Chinese name may have auspicious Human Structure and Earth Structure but inauspicious External Structure and average Total Structure. In order to have all the stroke numbers auspicious, a Chinese name has to be specially identified. This means the characters in a Chinese name have to be specially identified.

If you are interested in getting an auspicious Chinese name for a newborn baby, please see Good Baby Name.