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About Us

Goodweddingdate.com was launched in March 2009 by Golden Earth, a business registered in Singapore, to provide auspicious dates and hours for ROM (register of marriage) and wedding. Since then goodweddingdate.com has expanded to other services.

Currently, it provides servces in 5 areas: (1) Auspicious Date services, (2) Chinese Name services, (3) Caesarean Date services, (4) BaZi (Kr) services and (5) BaZi courses. Please click our services to learn more.

Goodweddingdate.com is the first to provide a list of auspicious dates and hours for ROM (register of marriage) and wedding in any year over the internet.

All services at goodweddingdate.com are provided through its website except for BaZi courses which are conducted offline in Singapore. Customers interested in its courses and services are to sign up at www.goodweddingdate.com.

It is convenient and easy to sign up courses and services at www.goodweddingdate.com. Customers who signed up its services would receive the service reports promptly via emails. Although goodweddingdate.com is a web service, it is not any less approachable. Goodweddingdate.com welcomes questions and enquiries from anyone. All enquiries and questions are attended to promptly.

The goal of goodweddingdate.com is to be a premier provider of the services and courses it offers. To learn what sets goodweddingdate.com apart from other providers, please read Why GoodWeddingDate?