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BaZi 3

BaZi 3 is a module on BaZi analysis. It is also the third module in our BaZi course.

A participant will learn the representations of Ten Gods and how to analyze a BaZi.

This module is taught in English. Case studies are used to illustrate the analysis of BaZi. The topics covered in this module are given below.

Who should attend?

This module is for anyone interested to learn how to analyze a BaZi. This module requires knowledge from BaZi 1 and BaZi 2 or their equivalent.

Why learn BaZi with us?

Please read Why sign up BaZi course?

How to sign up?

Interested participants, please contact us for further details. This course is conducted in Singapore. To sign up, please click Sign Up BaZi 3.

BaZi 3

BaZi Analysis

- Ten God representations
- How to read BaZi
- Case studies