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Good Wedding Date

This service provides a list of auspicious dates and hours for your marriage in any 2-year period (e.g. May 2018 to Apr 2020). It also provides BaZi marriage dates which are auspicious dates that also indicate marriage for the groom and bride based on their BaZi. Last but not least, it also provides the dates and hours for An Chuan.

You can use the dates and hours to register a marriage and to hold a wedding. If you are having a Chinese wedding, you can also use the dates and hours to carry out Chinese wedding customs such as delivery of betrothal gifts, fetching of bride to groom's house, tea ceremony and installing a bridal bed.

This service costs S$68 (Singapore dollar). To sign up, please visit Sign up Good Wedding Date. Customers who sign up will receive a Good Wedding Date Report (PDF).

To learn more about this service, please click Frequently asked questions for Good Wedding Date. To learn why you should choose goodweddingdate.com for this service, please click Why sign up Good Wedding Date?

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