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Good Chinese Name

This service provides good Chinese names by providing a list of Chinese characters to go with the given Chinese surname, please see Good Chinese Name Report (PDF). With this service, you have the flexibility to form your desired Chinese name. Our carefully chosen chinese characters will ensure that your Chinese name has auspicious character strokes, sounds good, has characters with good meanings, reflects the gender correctly and also complements the BaZi where possible. The Chinese characters are provided in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and Han Yu Pin Yin (~y).

Alternatively, if you have a Chinese character in mind for the Chinese surname, we can provide a list of Chinese characters to pair with the given character and Chinese surname. The Chinese name you form will have the best possible character strokes, sounds good, has good meaning and complements the BaZi where possible.

This service costs S$88 (Singapore Dollar). To sign up, please visit Sign Up Good Chinese Name. Customers who sign up this service will receive a Good Chinese Name Report in PDF format.

To learn more about this service, please read Frequently asked questions for Good Chinese Name. To learn why you should choose goodweddingdate.com for this service, please read Why sign up Good Chinese name?

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